Monday, 29 September 2008

Well Done One & All

In the previous posting we invited you to come along and to leave Roads Service in no doubt as to the unpopularity of their proposals in respect of Queen Street Car Park. Well you certainly didn't disappoint.
In fact the turn out of 120 people (one for every minute of the event), far exceeded even our expectations, and if Roads Service thought that the introduction of 'pay & display' was a mere formality, then they had better think again. Yesterday (Monday), the workers of Enniskillen spoke as one, sending out a loud and clear message that they will resist all efforts to change the status of Queen Street.
We wish to express our sincere thanks to those politicians who attended, to those who sent representatives, or who sent messages of apology; to the trade union personnel, and the members of Fermanagh Trades Council; to the irrepressible Desi Quinn (local trader), who did not baulk at showing his solidarity with the town's workers; and finally to YOU, the workers of Enniskillen for answering our call in such numbers.

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