Monday, 15 September 2008

Make Your Voice Heard

DRD Roads Service has informed EWPG that a Public Information Event will be held in the Library (Enniskillen) on Monday 29th September 2008, from midday to 2pm.
The purpose of this event is to afford everyone likely to be affected by the proposed revision of parking arrangements at Queen Street Car Park with an opportunity to air their views. Staff from Road Service Traffic Management will be in attendance and it is important that we leave them in no doubt as to the unpopularity of the current proposals.
Therefore we would encourage as many people as possible to turn up on the actual day. Your indifference or inaction, will only act as a rubber stamp for Roads Service to proceed as planned. Let's show them that the workers of Enniskillen are made of sterner stuff and that we will not give up 'our' car park without one almighty fight.

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