Sunday, 7 September 2008

We're Back

If Roads Service thought that EWPG had gone away, or that we had lost the stomach for the battle, then we are sorry to disappoint. We had merely taken the summer off in the knowledge that we would have to intensify our efforts to preserve the present 'free' status of Queen Street car park come Autumn.
We may have enjoyed a rather leisurely couple of months but there has been nothing static about the cost of living. Fuel prices have spiralled and this in turn has had a 'knock on' effect on the cost of everything. On average the weekly shop is costing 10% more than it did this time last year. It is against this background of increasing financial hardship that DRD Roads Service is planning to introduce charges at Queen Street (the workers' car park).
Consequently, quitting is not an option for our Group and we would encourage you to lend your support to our efforts. We are re-energised and together we can resist this outrageous and ill-timed proposal. Get involved, or pay the price (in this case £2.70 per day at current rates).

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