Friday, 26 December 2008

Roads Service Play Scrooge

It would be nice to be imparting some seasonal good cheer to the workers of the west end of Enniskillen, but unfortunately Roads Service reneged on their commitment to announce their decision in respect of Queen Street car park prior to Christmas.
The reason cited is that they now intend to undertake a survey of car park utilisation throughout the town. This has apparently been triggered by the influx of cross border shoppers into the town.
It has obviously escaped the notice of Roads Service that Asda (located at the opposite end of the town) is the magnet for these visitors, and that Queen Street car park logistically is of no advantage to them. Our own surveys of the adjacent P&D car park at Head Street show that there are adequate available spaces throughout the day (with the possible exception of the week or so in the lead up to Christmas).
Regrettably, it would appear that Roads Service is not interested in statistics (which we have freely exchanged with them), but would rather railroad their proposal through in relation to Queen Street.

A decision is now expected at the end of March.