Wednesday, 24 September 2008

5 Minute Investment Plan

EWPG is appealing for the workers of Enniskillen to turn out in force on Monday, 29th September in order to voice their opposition to the introduction of 'pay & display' at Queen Street Car Park. Roads Service is staging a Public Information Event in the local Library on the day in question (between noon and 2pm). You are not required to attend for the entire duration.
We would however wish you to ponder the following in advance:

Do you really believe that Roads Service will stop at converting approximately 50% of the spaces at Queen Street to P & D?

Do you think that they will maintain the proposed charge of 30p per 3 hour stay?

Are you convinced that Queen Street will be the last car park to suffer this fate?

Do you know what percentage of every £1 collected in parking revenue goes into the coffers of NCP, and consequently out of the Province?

Please give up 5 minutes of your time next Monday and you could very well save yourself £700 per year in parking charges. Previous campaigns to retain maternity services at the Erne Hospital, and to secure the siting of a new state of the art hospital on the outskirts of Enniskillen, have shown that the people of Fermanagh can be a formidable force when they set their minds to it. Although we would be the first to admit that car parking is not as emotive an issue as health care, these proposals nevertheless, if adopted, will have serious financial implications for many workers in our County town, and will set a dangerous precedent. Monday is to all intents and purposes a referendum of the future of 'free' car parking in the heart of Enniskillen.

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