Wednesday, 1 October 2008

It Doesn't Stack Up

During the course of the Public Information Event, held in Enniskillen Library on 29 September, a Roads Service representative claimed that the proposal to introduce 'pay & display' at Queen Street Car Park is in direct response to a request from the town's traders. This was immediately refuted by Desi Quinn.
A report in the Fermanagh Herald (30-01-08) of a public meeting held in Enniskillen Townhall on Monday, 28 January to address the problems of traffic management and enforcement in Fermanagh would appear to confirm that the proposal in question is not trader driven. The salient paragraph is as follows:
The final blow arrived when Colm McElholm from Roads Service revealed that not only will his Department not consider erecting multi-storey car parks in Enniskillen, but they also have plans to make the free parking facility at Queen Street in Enniskillen a 'pay and display' park, creating further problems for workers in the town.
The full text of this story may be viewed as follows: The Roads Service plan for Queen Street is totally profit driven and will not assist local traders one iota.

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