Monday, 15 September 2008

Different Tactics (Same Goal)

DRD Roads Service originally proposed converting all 95 parking spaces at Queen Street to 'pay and display.' However the notice issued in relation to the Public Information Event would appear to suggest that they have compromised somewhat and refers to an area of pay and display at the Queen Street Car Park (43 spaces).
EWPG is not taken in by this apparent offer of an olive branch and consequently, we are firmly of the opinion that it is the intention of Roads Service to ultimately change the status of the entire car park to P & D. Whether they do it piecemeal, or in one fell swoop, is of little consequence to them, just so long as they achieve their objective in the end.
These actions are profit driven and will most certainly not end at Queen Street. Roads Service may adopt whatever game plan they choose, but we at EWPG will not be taking our eye off the ball.
It has also not escaped our notice that the Public Information Event has been scheduled for a Monday, a day when our MLA's are required to be in attendance at Stormont.
Perhaps it's time for Roads Service to review their tactics yet again as they're been rumbled.

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