Wednesday, 23 April 2008

A Worker's Lot

  • saddled with a mortgage
  • struggling to put children through 3rd level education
  • having to pay for childcare
  • faced with an increased domestic rates bill (expected to rise even further once the proposed amalgamation of Fermanagh and Omagh councils occurs)
  • fearful of what the imminent water charges will bring
  • worried about NIPSA warning that up to 10,000 public service jobs could disappear within N. Ireland
  • concerned that the current state of world financial markets will have a devastating effect on pension fund
  • irritated by the ever spiralling costs of keeping a vehicle on the road
  • resigned to the fact that rising fuel costs will in turn increase the cost of everything e.g. weekly shop, domestic heating bill etc
  • frustrated by own inability to save money
  • outraged that Roads Service would even consider inflicting further taxation upon workers

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