Sunday, 27 April 2008

Playing Your Part


ANYONE could have done it,

But NO ONE wanted to,

But SOMEONE could have only done,

What EVERYONE knew they could do.

When NO ONE wanted to do it,

EVERYONE was doing something else,

If only SOMEONE would have done it,

Instead, they cared about only themselves.

EVERYONE knew that they were able to do it,

But NO ONE would stand up to be that ONE.

Since NO ONE would volunteer to do it,

NO ONE did what ANYONE could have done.

So if NO ONE wants to do it,

Then YOU stand up and be that SOMEONE.

Because ANYONE can set a sincere example,

And be a leader for EVERYONE.


Mark Anthony Thomas is an award winning author, freelance writer, literary artist, and motivational speaker. He very kindly gave permission for his poem, 'What Anyone Could Do' to be included on this site, and it would be great if his words inspire each and every one of you to play a part in this campaign. So start sending those letters and emails, if you haven't done so already.

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